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Fueled by innovation, we shape 'big ideas' for any budget size—big or small. Our clients embark on an imaginative journey, exploring diverse concepts and strategies that elevate the essence of their brief.

This creative process flourishes in a uniquely collaborative and solution-focused environment, perfectly embodying the Smart Potato strategy.

All our services focus on the best way to deliver your story.

Think of us as a movie production team where your brand is the star, your story is the script, and the guests are the actors. We provide the best setup to execute your script and let your star shine bright.

1. Understanding Your Brand

Our attention to detail and eagerness to learn about your story helps us understand you and your brand in the best way possible. We dive deep into your brand’s essence to ensure everything we do aligns perfectly with your vision.

3. Graphic Design Support

Need support with your website, branding, or invitation designs? Our graphic design team is here to bring your ideas to life. We create visually stunning designs that reflect your brand’s personality and message.

5. Space Design

Our unique space design services transform your event venue to reflect your story and brief. We craft an environment that not only looks stunning but also tells your brand’s story in an immersive way.

2. Strategic Partnerships

Using our creative problem-solving skills and extensive research methods, we match your brand with the best partnerships. These partnerships are designed to provide mutual benefits and amplify your brand’s reach and impact.

4. Event Planning and Logistics

We take care of finding the best location, catering, and entertainment that fits your brand and budget. Our team ensures every logistical detail is managed seamlessly, so you can focus on enjoying your event.

6. Guest List and Influencers

We help you curate the best guest list and identify key influencers to attend your event. This ensures you reach out to the right people who can amplify your message and enhance your brand’s visibility.

7. Professional Event Footage

In partnership with Baked Bean Media, we create professional footage of your event. This high-quality content can be used across your digital marketing channels, helping you extend the impact of your event long after it’s over.

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Steén, Sandra

 It was an absolute pleasure participating in Baby Steps. It was very well organised and everything felt easy and positive. I loved the selection of brands and that we all complemented and not competed with each other. I look forward to collaborating more in the future.


House of Tula,Priyanshu

I appreciated the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses. You definitely had the right people and businesses in mind. The food and the ambience were lovely too. The idea of using trash as a decor was innovative. Overall I loved your energy and positivity at the event and definitely making a few sales helped :)


Set Me Free, Marc

What fantastic photos, I had a great time. Huge thank you for having us, it was so kind of you to think of Set Me Free.

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