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From humble beginnings to remarkable outcomes, the power of the small unfolds.


Our Mission

Smart Potato's mission is to build a community centered around sustainability and connections. We create unique experiences that connect consumers with sustainable brands.

Our Vision

Our vision is to revolutionize brand-consumer relationships, fostering authentic connections that drive sustainability. We envision a future where everyone can engage with sustainable brands in memorable ways, empowering both consumers and businesses to make a difference.

Our Core Values


Commitment to eco-friendly practices in all events and partnerships.


Ensuring that work is fulfilling and enjoyable, maintaining a healthy balance.


Building strong, supportive communities that foster mutual growth.


Using innovative approaches to reflect the unique stories of brands.

My Story

Smart Potato began with a vision to use my graphic and media design skills to empower small startups through branding, website design, and creative solutions. However, in 2018, my path took a significant turn when I launched Chary On Top, an online giving platform aimed at harnessing design for meaningful social change. Over five years, I collaborated with numerous charities, pouring my heart and soul into the project. Yet, despite its noble cause, I felt a growing disconnect – the digital realm couldn't fulfill my desire for human connection.

It was a pivotal moment when I realized that true impact lies in influencing consumer habits and fostering sustainable practices. Fuelled by a desire for meaningful interactions and inspired by my innate knack for event planning, I ventured into the dynamic world of experiential marketing.

meet the owner

My journey led me to Istanbul, where I honed my skills at Vega Agency, immersing myself in diverse projects and soaking in invaluable experiences. Equipped with newfound knowledge and a burning passion, I returned to London, determined to carve out a niche in the experiential marketing landscape.

At Smart Potato, our mission transcends mere transactions – we're on a mission to make sustainability accessible and enjoyable for all. By curating unique and immersive experiences, we bridge the gap between small sustainable brands and their potential clients, fostering meaningful connections that inspire positive change, one step at a time.

Join us as we embark on this exhilarating journey, where creativity meets purpose, and every experience is an opportunity for growth and transformation.

Welcome to Smart Potato Ltd – where innovation, sustainability, and unforgettable experiences collide.


Let's create something extraordinary, together.

Laris :)

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