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Thoughtful Tuesdays, Why Do I Do What I Do?

I've found myself in a place where I'm questioning almost everything in my life. I knew 2024 was the year of change, but I wasn't expecting this much change, to be honest. All my life, I've been strong-headed, certain, and happy. I've evolved, worked on my weaknesses, and tried to improve myself in all aspects, but my core values have always remained the same.

I've always considered myself extremely lucky and believed my mission in life was to share that luck and bring happiness to others. This perspective often led me to put myself second, avoiding my needs and feeling like I had no right to ask for more or seek support because I already had so much. But this year has brought a revelation that has changed even my core values.

I realise now that while I've been blessed with a loving, supportive, and accepting family that provided me with strength, it doesn’t mean I haven’t faced difficulties. My family's support taught me to find joy, happiness, and hope even in the darkest of times. For example, when our cousin went into critical surgery to survive cancer, we were once warned in the hospital for laughing too much. We chose to laugh instead of cry, creating a good memory instead of trauma.

I've come to understand that my luck is actually this perspective—the ability to look at things positively. I've always tried to spread this perspective and joy to everyone around me. However, I've also learned that no matter how hard I try, I can't make someone love and value themselves if they're not ready. Sometimes, pain and anger become so familiar that they feel more comforting than joy.

So, what is my place in this world? What am I supposed to do with my skills? I still want to help others grow and reach their highest potential, but I now understand that I can only do that when I'm asked to help, support, and guide. Otherwise, I might cause more pain than relief.

As I find myself and my place in this world, it becomes clearer what my role in society is. I am meant to use my perspective, storytelling, and creative problem-solving skills to help small sustainable businesses grow—businesses with a social drive that reflect the value they offer to the world. The value of a business is not just measured by the numbers on an account but by the number of souls touched and problems solved.

With this new purpose, I hope to meet inspiring people who are doing good with their solutions and help them on their journey. As a small business owner myself, I know the journey can feel very lonely, and I am here to support you in any way possible.

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