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Eventful Thursdays, Making Marketing Real

In today's world, everything seems to be becoming fake and disconnected. The content we watch, listen to, and buy often leads us to feel numb and less human. This trend is contributing to widespread depression, anxiety, and loneliness. When we finally manage to tear our gaze away from our screens, we can discern what's real and what isn't. Yet, our addiction to screens and dependence on technology persists.

While technology can save us money, energy, and time, it often leads us to waste the very resources it helps us conserve. Despite this, millions of people are inspired to make a change, using their skills to create something genuine—solutions to real problems, created by real people, with authentic stories and purposes.

Unfortunately, many of these individuals are trapped in the cycle of using fake digital methods to share their vision. This can leave them feeling alone, disconnected, and lost on their journey. I’m here to change that. My goal is to transform marketing and advertising into something real and meaningful. I want people to experience genuine feelings and connections, and to rethink how we use our time and money for the betterment of our lives, our planet, and each other.

Let's make marketing real and united, rather than fake and competitive. Together, we can create a future where authenticity and connection are at the heart of every campaign.

Get a free quote now and see how marketing your brand could be true to your brand with the help of events and support of other small businesses owners. Join the community :)


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