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Inspiring Connections,
One Experience at a Time

Tailored Events & Branding for Socially Driven Brands

*for a limited time, we're offering complimentary bespoke briefs, and for two fortunate brands, we're hosting free events.

trying to be heard as a small business can be overwhelming

if you're stuck to digital marketing and working on your own

  • Instagram post reaches less than 1.6% of followers.

  • 85% of content earns fewer than 10 social shares.

  • Facebook page post reaches 0.08% of followers.

  • Almost 65% of searches on Google produce zero clicks.

Many small brands often rely solely on digital or social media marketing strategies. While these approaches offer traceable ROIs, they often lack the potency required to foster strong, enduring bonds—especially for social enterprises. As a result, businesses may expend considerable time, resources, and content in pursuit of visibility. At Smart Potato, we're here to change that narrative. We specialise in creating meaningful connections by authentically sharing your brand's story, crafting an immersive experience that resonates with your audience.

helping small businesses partner up with the right brands to connect them with their loyal customers


Your Story

Our team is dedicated to understanding your story and values, ensuring that every experiential touchpoint reflects the authentic essence of your brand.

Matching you with the Right Brands & Partnerships

We create a bespoke brief tailored for your brand.We partner you up with the most complimenting brands, locations and entertainment to help you grow.

 Execution of your
Unforgettable Moment

Watch your vision come to life as we seamlessly execute your project with precision and passion. If desired, our packages include high-quality production.

Small businesses with ambitious dreams and goals require more than just clicks; they need their story to be truly understood and to connect, in order to reach their full potential with potential clients.


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