Laris was born in 1993, Istanbul. She first started her drawing lessons when she was studying high school in Liceo Italiano, Istanbul. During her education in Italian High School, she figured out that she was very much interested in Graphic Design and Advertising. So, after attending pre-collage courses at Pratt Institute NYC also at University of the Arts London, she decided that UAL's education system was more approachable for her. After finishing her Foundation year in London College of Communication, Laris carried on her Graphic and Media Design course in LCC. During her studies she had few internship experience in Instyle Magazine Istanbul, Ogilvy & Mather Istanbul, Young & Rubicam Istanbul etc. After finishing her BA course in LCC Laris started freelancing as a graphic designer. Today Laris is the co-founder and the Creative Director of Smart Potato, also the big sister of Mr. Potato. Laris thinks her colourful, positive approach towards World could change things and hopefully Smart Potato will be a gadget for it.

Aren was born in 1995, Istanbul. He first started earning money when he was studying high school in HEV American High School, Istanbul by selling online games to gamers. Ever since he was little he always came up with interesting ideas to profit from. When he fist started his Business and Mathematics course in King's College, London, he struggled to concentrate on his business plans. But when he carried on his education in University of Kent, he had a free mind to take care of both education and future business plans. He was always popular for his Application ideas to make life easier and more interesting. Today Aren is working on a social organisation application for Kent University and continuing his education there. He is also co-founder, the business and marketing manager of Smart Potato, also the little brother of Miss. Potata. Aren believes that it's never too early to create your own path, the sooner you start the sooner you will figure out the right path by your mistakes, and Smart Potato will be our guide to this journey.


Laris Polat


Aren Polat